Palace Walk – Naguib Mahfouz

They say night time is the best time, because this is when all your creative juices are flowing and you’re more focused, you can just pick up pen and paper or open your boring laptop and keep tapping the buttons; the end result might surprise you. I remember, whenever I had to prepare for my […]

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The Black Book by Orhan Pamuk.

There are times when we sit alone and reflect on our behaviour, at least, some of us overthinking people do. My observation tells me that we are the same person, with the same identity card and a name, but we are entirely different. At work, I’m different with my office and colleagues. At home, I’m […]

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The Trader’s Luck

Sweaty sheets, it feels like the sun is a ball hanging low on our earth and the heat will slowly roast every living being. I heard stray animals are dying due to excessive heat, people are willing to help them, but they don’t have enough water. My landlady knocks the door and invites me for […]

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Manu and The Master

Everyone called him Manu and his father Master. Master was not school teacher but he knew something about everything. Master once said, “I know the exact moment when soul exit the body”. Manu looked at him in awe, thinking Master had more alcohol than he could handle and he might beat him to pulp tonight. […]

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12 Essential Indian Books

I have been thinking from a long time to make the list of 12 Essential Indian books which one must read. These books have influenced the way I read, my selection of books and most importantly the writing style of these books, each one of these books are written by finest Indian authors. I am […]

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